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Elkay 45918C 2" Lever Handle with Square Mounting Hole for Commercial Faucets (Pair)
Elkay 45918C 2" Lever Handle (Pair), Commercial Faucet Accessories

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Elkay 45918C Faucet Handle 2" Lever with Square Mounting Hole Faucet (Pair)

For use with Elkay Products: LK402L2, LK403L2, LK406AT08L2, LK406AT10L2, LK406AT12L2, LK406AT14L2, LK406GN04L2, LK406GN05L2, LK406GN08L2, LK406HA08L2, LK406HA10L2, LK406LGN05L2, LK406LGN08L2, LK406TS08L2, LK500AT08L2, LK500AT10L2, LK500AT12L2, LK500AT14L2, LK500GN04L2, LK500GN05L2, LK500GN08L2, LK500HA08L2, LK500HA10L2, LK500LGN05L2, LK500LGN08L2, LK535AT08L2, LK535AT10L2, LK535AT12L2, LK535AT14L2, LK535GN04L2, LK535GN05L2, LK535GN08L2, LK535HA08L2, LK535HA10L2, LK543AF08C, LK543AF08LC, LK543AF10C, LK543AF10LC, LK543AF12C, LK543AF12LC, LK543AF14C, LK543AF14LC, LK543C, LK543LC, LK800AT08L2, LK800AT10L2, LK800AT12L2, LK800AT14L2, LK800GN04L2, LK800GN05L2, LK800GN08L2, LK800HA08L2, LK800HA10L2, LK800LGN05L2, LK800LGN08L2, LK800TS08L2, LK801AT08L2, LK801GN08L2, LK810AT08L2, LK810AT10L2, LK810AT12L2, LK810AT14L2, LK810GN04L2, LK810GN05L2, LK810GN08L2, LK810HA08L2, LK810HA10L2, LK810LGN05L2, LK810LGN08L2, LK810TS08L2, LK811AT08L2, LK843AF08C, LK843AF08LC, LK843AF10C, LK843AF10LC, LK843AF12C, LK843AF12LC, LK843AF14C, LK843AF14LC, LK843C, LK843LC, LK940AT08L2H, LK940AT08L2S, LK940AT10L2H, LK940AT10L2S, LK940AT12L2H, LK940AT12L2S, LK940AT14L2H, LK940AT14L2S, LK940BP03L2H, LK940BP03L2S, LK940BP07L2H, LK940BP07L2S, LK940BR03L2H, LK940BR03L2S, LK940BR07L2H, LK940BR07L2S, LK940DS20L2H, LK940DS20L2S, LK940GN04L2H, LK940GN04L2S, LK940GN05L2H, LK940GN05L2S, LK940GN08L2H, LK940GN08L2S, LK940HA08L2H, LK940HA08L2S, LK940HA10L2H, LK940HA10L2S, LK940LGN05L2H, LK940LGN05L2S, LK940LGN08L2H, LK940LGN08L2S, LK940TS08L2H, LK940TS08L2S, LK940VS07L2H, LK940VS07L2S, LK943AF08C, LK943AF08LC, LK943AF10C, LK943AF10LC, LK943AF12C, LK943AF12LC, LK943AF14C, LK943AF14LC, LK943C, LK943LC, LK945AT08L2T, LK945AT10L2T, LK945AT12L2T, LK945AT14L2T, LK945BP03L2T, LK945BP07L2T, LK945DS20L2T, LK945GN04L2H, LK945GN04L2T, LK945GN05L2H, LK945GN05L2T, LK945GN08L2T, LK945HA08L2T, LK945HA10L2T, LK945TS08L2T, LK945VS07L2T, LK960AF08C, LK960AF08LC, LK960AF10C, LK960AF10LC, LK960AF12C, LK960AF12LC, LK960AF14C, LK960AF14LC

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