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Halsey Taylor 7130 FRK FTN is Discontinued (Replacement model is Elkay EDFPVR320RFPK)

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Product Information

Halsey Taylor 7130 FRK FTN Marblyte Multi-Station Fountain, Non-Filtered, Non-Refrigerated, Freeze Resistant, White Granite Composite

Model 7130 FRK FTN Description

Marblyte™ architectural drinking fountains feature a composite solid surface material with USDA BioPreferred designation. They feature softly rounded corners and a Contoured basin designed to provide a splash-resistant surface.


  • Durable and nonporous granite-like Contoured fountain provides an attractive, safe product and service to multiple users at the same time.
  • Mechanical push-button bubbler activation continues to provide water when electrical service is interrupted.
  • Vandal-resistant bubblers feature chrome plated integral hood guard to prevent contamination from other users, airborne deposits and tampering.
  • Composite material withstands the harshest environments.
  • Bottom cover plate conceals plumbing and internal components.
  • Freeze-resistant models extend outdoor usage season.
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use, and appropriate for environments caustic to stainless steel.

Halsey Taylor 7130 FRK FTN Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet
Installation Instructions