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Haws 8710, AXION MSR Outdoor Tempered Shower is Discontinued (Call 888-503-7937 for help finding a new model)

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Product Information

Haws 8710

Model 8710 Description

Model 8710 ePOD™ Indoor/Outdoor heated enclosed shower and eye/face wash combines all the features of the 8780, 8785, and 8760 into one streamlined package that can provide protection for both the tempering equipment as well as the victim using the included safety shower eyewash combo unit. It shall include a 5’ x 10’ (1.52 x 3.04 m) bright green, chemically resistant, water-proof coated booth made with an aluminum base, frame, and enclosure. This superior design provides optional operating temperature ranges of -50° to 120° F (-40° to 49° C), and shall include spring-loaded, self-closing shower doors, equipment room door, and removable service panel. The use of an Advanced Programmable Monitoring Control System allows for real-time control of the operating system. The booth is trimmed with large directional arrows, large and small universal shower/eyewash signs, fiberglass floor grate, and 3” IPS inside caulk drain. Temperature extremes are protected by scald and freeze bleed valves. The internal booth temperature is maintained by a space heater. The standard alarm system is flow switch activated and provides local audible and visible alarms. The tempered blending system will include an integral hot water supply and will incorporate fail-safe features like anti-scald protection and full flow cold water bypass. There is the medically acclaimed AXION® 20 gpm (75.7 L) showerhead and AXION® MSR 3.7 gpm (14 L) eye/face wash head assembly, along with a 3 gpm (11.4 L) side hanging drench hose.

  • Standardized platform provides shorter lead times and customizable configuration options
  • High visibility safety green for quick visual placement during an emergency
  • Fully engineered mixing valve with full flow cold water bypass
  • Advanced Programmable Monitoring Control System with real-time digital display
  • AXION technology with inverted eye/face wash and hydrodynamic shower flows
  • Ready-to-incorporate design variations including hot water supply, electrical type, temperature control, stainless steel piping, and more

Prop 65 Warning. For California Residents Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Haws 8710 Spec Sheet