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Sunroc DRF-7101 RADII, Modular, Refrigerated Drinking Fountain, Flexible Bubbler Guard, Front Push Pad, ADA, 8 GPH

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Product Information

Sunroc DRF-7101 RADII

Suggested Specification
Shall deliver 8.0 gph of 50oF degree water at 90oF ambient and 80oF inlet water. Model DRF-7101 shall include push pads to activate the flow of water. Fountain shall be designed to eliminate splashing and standing water. Bubbler shall have a flexible guard and operate between 20 and 120 psi. As a standard feature, the bubbler and push pad contains an antimicrobial silver additive (AlphaSan) that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew.Chiller unit shall use R-134a refrigerant. Shall be listed by Underwriters' Laboratories to U.S. and Canadian Standards. Shall comply with ANSI A117.1 and ADA. Shall comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act and Lead Contamination Control Act. Shall comply with ANSI/NSF 61. RADII.

Modular Water Cooler meets the needs of the physically disabled and the able bodied

DRF-7101 A light press of the push pad activates the water flow.

DRF-7101 Spec Sheet