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Product Information

Haws 8770

Model 8770 Description

Model 8770 ePOD™ is the lightweight solution for conditions where there is no potable water available, or water that is available doesn’t meet the requirements for ANSI compliant safety shower operation. The 8770 overhead tank shower (OTS) design stores all the water required for a fully compliant safety shower/eyewash response in a custom engineered tank and tower design. This configuration allows the overhead tank to gravity feed water to both the shower and eyewash. The 8770 is the perfect solution for remote locations without on-site water, locations where plumbing is difficult or economically not feasible, or anywhere a quick, easy to install safety shower solution is needed. This unit includes an aluminum structure with bright green side panels and 530 gallon (2006 L) overhead molded plastic tank. Supplied with a NEMA 4 electrical enclosure with 480V, three phase inlet. The emergency flushing is provided by a hydrodynamic showerhead as well as the medically acclaimed AXION® MSR eyewash. This system is designed to operate with several electrical options. Optional model 9084 cleansing stick can be used to provide continual protection against pathogenic bacteria in the water for up to 3 years. 1-1/2" and cold stainless-steel pipe inlet.

  • Standardized platform provides shorter lead times and customizable configuration options
  • High visibility safety green for quick visual placement during an emergency
  • AXION technology with inverted eye/face wash and hydrodynamic shower flows
  • Ready-to-incorporate design variations including hot water heaters, electrical type, alarm packages, stainless steel piping, and more

Prop 65 Warning. For California Residents Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Haws 8770 Spec Sheet