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Haws SP158B, Freeze Protection Bleed Valve for Emergency Shower and Eyewash

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Product Information

Haws SP158B Freeze Protection Bleed Valve

Model SP158B Description

Important Notice Regarding Haws SP158B vs. SP158A

Model SP158B is the direct replacement for Model SP158A. They look different – the discontinued “A” version was a long, stainless steel tube shape and the current “B” version is brass and different shape. We recommend updating to the new SP158B model because the new design is serviceable in the field and will provide a longer lifespan that the old “A” version.

When replacing a freeze valve on either a Model 8300.158 or Model 8317CTFP – see special replacement freeze valve for those specific units: either SP158.8 or SP158CTFP. These freeze valves come with additional components to retro-fit the new style freeze valve with their existing units.

Model SP158B, fully engineered freeze protection valve is constructed of a one piece brass body, and supplied with a removable cartridge for easy cleaning and maintenance. Automatic thermal actuator bleed valve opens when internal water temperature falls below 35° F (1.7° C) and closes completely when the water climbs back to 42° F (5.6° C) or above. 1/2" NPTF inlet and outlet.

Haws SP158B Spec Sheet