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HAWS Faucets and Valves for HAWS Drinking Fountains

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Haws 0006983506, Spanner Wrench used with the 5874 Valve and Push Button Assembly Haws 0005514039.1, Cold Stem Assembly for use with 5510LF and 5530LF Faucet Haws 0005517974.1, Hot Stem Assembly for use with 5530LF Gooseneck Faucet
Haws 5815, Plastic Check Valve with 1/4" IPS Threads for Drinking Fountains Haws PBA6, Polished Chrome-Plated Brass, Flanged Push Button Assembly used with Push Button Valve 5874 Haws PBA7, Polished Chrome-Plated Brass, Push Button Assembly used with Model 5874 for Drinking Fountains
Haws 5551, Push Lever Operated, Self-Closing, Chrome-Plated Brass, Deck mounted, Gooseneck Cold Water Glassfiller Faucet Haws 5010SS, Polished Stainless Steel, Push Button Bubbler Valve with an Adjustable Stream Regulation for Drinking Fountains Haws 5874SS, Lead-Free Stainless Steel, Push Activated Valve, Front Accessible for Stream Adjustment and Servicing, Replaceable Pressure Regulation Control Cartridge
Haws 5874PB, Fountain Valve, Lead-Free, Stainless Steel, Push Button Valve, Chrome-Plated Brass Recessed Style Button Assembly Haws 5874PBF, Valve and Push Button Assembly, Flush Mounted, Lead-Free, Stainless Steel, Chrome-Plated Brass Haws 6275, Compression Hose Bib Faucet with Rough Chrome-Plated Finish
Haws 5881PBA, Polished Chrome-Plated Brass Push Button Assembly for use with Model 5881 Fountain Valve Haws 5830LF, Chrome-Plated Brass Bubbler Valve Lever Handle Valve with Screwdriver Adjustment Stream Control Haws 5851LF, Panel Mounted Bubbler Valve, Chrome-Plated, Vandal-Resistant Lever Handle and Rough Brass Body
Haws 5452HST, Handle and Stem Assembly. Used on Models Made in 2005 and Newer Haws 6252EHLF, Self-Closing, Plain End, Bib Faucet with Rough Brass Finish and a Special Extended Lever Handle which is Locked to Valve Haws 5510LF, Stay-Open Lever Handle, Chrome-Plated Brass Gooseneck Faucet, Sink or Counter Top Mounted
Haws 5010.6427SS, Polished Stainless Steel, Push Button Bubbler Valve with Socket Flange for Counter Top or Sink Mounting Haws 5054LF, Lever Handle, Chrome-Plated Brass, Deck Mounted Drinking Faucet with Automatic Stream Regulation Haws 5060LF, Self-Closing, Lever Handle, Chrome-Plated Brass Bubbler Valve with Integral Stream Control
Haws 5017LF, Polished Chrome-Plated, Sink or Counter Mounted Drinking Faucet with Renewable Control Cartridge Haws 5051LF, Polished Chrome-Plated, Self-Closing, Lever Handle, Sink or Deck Mounted Bubbler Valve with Adjustable Stream Regulation Haws 5452LF, Self-Closing Lever Handle, Chrome-Plated Brass Gooseneck Faucet, Vandal-Resistant
Haws 5881, Push-Button Activated Air Valve Used on all Freeze-Resistant Drinking Fountains Haws 6250LF, Self-Closing, Plain End, Lead-Free, Brass Bib Faucet for Drinking Fountains Haws 5530LF, Chrome-Plated Brass, Stay-Open Lever Handle, Hot and Cold Compression Gooseneck Faucet
Haws 6521FR, Wall Mounted Pneumatic Freeze-Resistant Valve System for Drinking Fountains, Single Bubbler Haws 6518FR, Pneumatic Operated Freeze-Resistant Valve System for Drinking Fountains Haws 6518.2FR, Pneumatic Freeze-Resistant Operated Dual Valve System for Two Bubbler Drinking Fountains